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Web & Hosting Services

Whether you are looking for a robust portal or a simple web site, we provide web application and development services to Cal Poly and all entities of the CSU Sytems. These services are based on the policy requirements of the State, CSU, and Campus web standards. Let us know what kind of services we can provide for you.

Development Services

Leveraging our in house experience and a vast pool of talent, we can bring your ideas to fruition and still be light on your budget.

Educational Web Services believes that the client is the most crucial part of any project.

Some companies may claim that they value client input, but take a look at their workflow. The client is generally the last part of the equation, only participating in the review process. This methodology does nothing to bolster client confidence in the vendor, nor does it help in producing the best product possible.

At Educational Web Services, our belief is that the client should always come first, last and at every step in between! That's why client involvement starts our workflow and is present during project milestones. After all, it is your project.

Of course, client involvement is only the beginning. The primary function of development services is to ensure that the product is as bullet proof as possible. For that reason, we build our applications with proven industry hardened technologies.

When it comes to cost effectiveness, Educational Web Services has tried to make contracting with a developer as simple as it can be. Our cost effective services are based on flat hourly rates so that our clients know exactly what they're paying for. And every project receives cost and time estimates up front, so that you can ensure your time-to-market goals can always be made!

Maintenance Services

Using Educational Web Services for your application/site maintenance needs means your organization can cut costs by reducing the need for application management personnel and that's just good business.

Site maintenance is an area where many organizations lack adequate support. Educational Web Services wants to help you maintain your critical web applications. Why build it, if no one takes care of it?

Our maintenance package is as simple as possible. Your organization is covered for a period of one year (renewable) under a comprehensive umbrella package. All you need to do is request service and our team of web professionals will expedite your request with lightning speed! The best part is that you are only charged for time worked. No extra forms to sign, just in-and-out service.

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Basic & Advanced Hosting Solutions

With a Educational Web Services basic and advanced hosting accounts, you get economical, flexible web solutions designed for campus organizations looking to establish their online presence. Powered by state-of-the-art technology, your web applications will be protected with secure servers and a world-class network infrastructure.

Dedicated & Virtual Hosting Solution

Have a big project? Educational Web Services dedicated hosting service can give your organization the power it needs to run mission critical online applications. Our dedicated hosting offers increased memory, faster processing speeds, and more disk space than shared hosting, and the best part is that there are no other sites to disrupt your server's performance. Educational Web Services dedicated hosting is ideal for heavy traffic sites and e-commerce applications.

Services Provided Under: Campus Web Services Contract 2100003668

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