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Stickered Coffee Sleeve Program Request


The coffee sleeve community advertising program is offered to the Cal Poly community free-of-charge. It is all part of Campus Dining’s mission to support student success. University groups, organizations, clubs and departments can apply stickers to the coffee sleeves used by Julian’s, The Avenue and Sandwich Factory to display messages about events or other topics of interest and value to the university community.

Stickers must be positive in nature; not political or partisan. Advertising content must comply with established university logo and communications standards. Advertising content must also comply with any/all trademarks, service marks, or other registered content rights and/or requirements.

Organizations are responsible for designing and printing the stickers, as well as putting them on the coffee sleeves. Campus Dining provides only the sleeves.


Groups can reserve up to a 2-week period to use the coffee sleeves. Reservations are first come, first served.

Submitting a Request

Complete the request form below to reserve your timeslot. Once your request is received, availability will be determined and you will receive additional information on next steps. Please note that up to 4,000 coffee sleeves are used each week in Campus Dining areas and that your group will be responsible for stickering the sleeves.

After your application has been approved you will be contacted with the number of stickers you will need to print and when the boxes of blank coffee sleeves will be ready for you to pick up at our loading dock. After picking up the coffee sleeves and putting your message stickers on them, make an appointment with cpcmedia to return them to our loading dock in the same boxes you picked them up in.


Up to 4,000 coffee sleeves are used each week in Campus Dining areas. The exact quantity varies depending on the time of year and other factors. If you reserve a two-week period, your group will be responsible for stickering 8,000 sleeves.


Coffee sleeves stickered with your message can be used at Julian's Café Bistro, Sandwich Factory and The Avenue.

Design Specifications

Your sticker can be any color, size or shape you wish up to a maximum of 4" wide by 1.5" tall. Advance approval of sticker design is required.

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