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University Showcase Program Request

The Showcase Window is booked for the remainder of the academic year. Requests for the 2017-2018 academic year will begin to be processed on August 1, 2017.


The University Showcase is offered to the Cal Poly community free-of-charge. It is all part of the University Store's mission to support student success. University groups, organizations, clubs and departments can use the window to display messages about events or other topics of interest and value to the university community.

Displays must be positive in nature; not political or partisan. Digital advertising content must comply with established university logo and communications standards. Digital advertising content must also comply with any/all trademarks, service marks, or other registered content rights and/or requirements.


The window can be reserved for a maximum two week period and is reserved on a first come, first served basis.

Submitting a Request

Complete the application form below and email your proposed display design to cpmedia@calpoly.edu . After your application has been approved you will be contacted to schedule set up and removal. Please note that window reservations fill up fast and your application does not guarantee your reservation.

University Showcase Design Specifications

The Community Showcase window's dimensions are 110" tall x 202" wide x 26" deep. Groups may post materials on the back wall, stand them on the bottom surface and/or use suction cups or removable mounting squares to adhere them to the inside of the window.

Digital Ad Specifications

In addition to the community showcase window, digital advertising is available on a variety of digital screens around campus. For more information on rates, advertising proceedures and artwork specifications, visit http://marcom.calpolycorporation.org/digitaladvertising

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