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Getting Started

How do we get started with digital signage?

The following is an outline the procedures to get started with your digital signage project.

  1. Contact Web Services (cpcmedia@calpoly.edu). Our office will discuss with you your needs and gather your project outline.
  2. A meeting with Classroom Technologies will be scheduled to identify specific needs (i.e. number of signs, locations, etc.). Classroom Technologies will work with you to develop your hardware requirements and work with campus Facilities on installation needs such as mounting, power, and data.
  3. Sign licensing contract
  4. State departments also sign Classroom Technologies - Digital Signage MOU (pdf)
  5. If you are a State department, MDS will facilitate the purchase of hardware and work with campus Facilities on installation
  6. Web Services will create signage accounts and signage network location
    • Please download and complete a Request For New Sign Form (xlsx) for each player location (note: a single player "location" can includ multiple physical displays)
  7. Once hardware is setup and installed Web Services will work with you on the setup of the signage software (Web Services does not configure the PC image; More information).
  8. Web Services will provide initial 2hr software training

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What are the costs?

There are three primary parameters to planning the cost of your project: 1. License Fee, 2. Hardware, 3. Installation.

License Fee

Current pricing for fiscal year 2015-16

Upon commencement of your project, a discounted one-time license fee is required for usage of the software. Annual maintenance fees cover costs of system maintenance, upkeep, and upgrades and are charged annually beginning at the start of the next fiscal-year after your initial installation.

Your license fee allows for unlimited signs within your operational area and up to three (3) Content Manager accounts for managing your signs. Operational area is defined as a College, Auxiliary, Project, or Department within a given university division.

One-Time License Fee
Annual Maintenance Fee

If you are purchasing multiple licenses for your division, bulk license purchasing discounts are available. Please contact cpcmedia@calpoly.edu for more information.


A standard installation will include three main components:


This is the screen that your constituents will see. Your display can be anything from a large format LCD to a digital projector. It all depends on the particular requirements of your installation.

Player PC

A Player PC is required for every unique installation. This computer (usually a small form factor PC) runs the Content Player software and all content for your signage.


Proper mounting is essential for every installation. This could include ceiling mounts, wall mounts, or outside environmental enclosures.

For State departments, MDS will provide support in identifying the best hardware for your project needs. Costs for hardware and installation vary and depend on the installation type and needs of the project.


The complexity of your installation will depend on the location selected. However, in all installations there is a need for power and data as well as a requirement that your installation meet campus standards and permit requirements.

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Things to Know


While departments are responsible for their own content and information, such content must still meet campus policy requirements for acceptable use.


All digital signage must meet applicable branding requirements.

Default Channels

All Digital Signs are required to subscribe to the Campus Emergency Notification and the Public Affairs channels for campus wide communications.


All Digital Signage will be required to meet accessibility standards, including: Color contrast, captioning (for video), and mounting requirements.


Installing a TV from a local big-box store is not recommended. Retail grade hardware is not designed for Digital Signage and will void your hardware warranty. Commercial grade hardware is designed to be installed in ambient light areas and run for extended periods of time.

Who will provide what?

Digital Signage touches numerous departments on campus, as such, the following is an outline of which departments supply what services

  • Cal Poly Corporation
    • Software Service provider / signage network management
    • Signage network coordinator
    • Digital signage consulting
    • Content development Services (turnkey solutions)
  • Information Services
    • Hardware and campus network specifications for deployment
    • Security requirements, best practices, and policies
    • System-wide compliance
    • Security
  • Facilities Services
    • Installation of hardware requirements as needed and requested through a Service Request
    • Building Permit for review and approval of any installation that requires attachment to a building
    • Infrastructure support if electrical outlets, wall mounting, etc. are necessary
    • Installation management services