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Frequently Asked Questions

How will my digital signage project be managed?
Each project begins with the customer contacting Educational Web Services (EWS) regarding a new installation. EWS will coordinate with Classroom Technologies who will then work directly with State customers to coordinate hardware and installation (i.e. Facility requirements). Once installations are complete EWS provide connectivity to the signage network.
How will billing be handled?
EWS will invoice for EWS specific portions of the project (i.e. licensing, maintenance, and/or consulting time); MDS will invoice for hardware and installation costs.
Who are the primary contacts for interested campus constituents?
Cal Poly Corporation - cpcmedia@calpoly.edu
MDS - Dan Mull
Who manages the installations from a customer perspective?
For State departments hardware installation is managed by MDS. For Auxiliaries EWS will coordinate with the applicable entity.
Who provides first/second tier support?
EWS is the first level of support all queries can be submitted to cpcmedia@calpoly.edu Support needs will be assigned to the applicable department (EWS or MDS). Signage hardware support for displays is provided under the terms of the hardware warranty.
What is the refresh model for displays or players?
Refresh cycles are based upon the warrenty of the hardware at the time of installation +/- performance and needs of the department.