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Content Manager Main Screen

Content Manager's layout is the same whether you are designing, configuring or previewing a sign. The information in each area of the screen will vary depending on what you are doing. The different areas of the Content Manager screen are described below.

Menus contain commands you will use to create signs.

  1. Every content type available in Content Manager is located in the leftmost area of the screen. When you create an item by choosing a content type here, that item ends up in the content library.
  2. The network tree lists networks, locations, individual signage player machines, individual sign layouts, and more. You can expand and contract items in the network tree as you do in Windows Explorer. Also, right-clicking any item in the network tree will display an additional context menu with commands related to that item.
  3. The toolbar buttons to the right of the words "Network Overview" control which program view is displayed in the View pane.
  4. In the View pane, you can choose to display Timeline view, Preview, Template layout (design) view, or Network monitor view. (Design view is shown below.)
  5. In the area below the network tree and view pane, you will see either the content library, a list of available templates, or the list of users or groups. You can drag items from this area directly into the Network tree and "drop" them under compatible items there.
  6. The tabs at the bottom of the screen (Content, Templates, Users, Groups), control what displays in the area directly above the tabs. (The template list is shown below.)
Image of the Content Manager main interface