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Digital Advertising

Terms & Conditions

Cal Poly Corporation ("CPC") offers advertising opportunities on certain Corporation digital monitors in the many commercial locations throughout campus. This "Digital Advertising" is intended for provide marketing, event, and campus communications information to Cal Poly students, staff, and faculty.


At this time, only university departments that include Colleges, Departments Campus Programs, Performing Arts, and Campus Auxiliaries, and CPC Partners, Organizations and/or businesses with direct business relationship with CPC, may utilize the CPC Digital Advertising. Advertising rates will be set by CPC and the content managed by CPC per this policy and related procedures.

Terms & Content

  1. CPC reserves the right to not run advertisement that is not in accordance with university policies. All advertising content must be:
    1. Of a broad interest to and connected with the campus community, i.e. any advertised event must be open to the campus community;
    2. In compliance with required campus messaging and branding policies;
    3. In compliance with university graphic standards, www.publicaffairs.calpoly.edu, including university logo, identity and style guide standards; and
    4. In compliance with any/all trademarks, service marks, or other registered content rights and/or requirements;
    5. Submitted in the correct design format and sizes within the appropriate submission due dates (see Design Specification section for details).
    6. In compliance with the use of copyrighted materials (images, video, and text, etc.) and have authorization to use the material.
  2. Content is for promoting university related activities. CPC reserves the right to refuse content for the following reasons:
    1. Materials related to, or endorse, a political issue or candidate;
    2. Announcements of personal events, items for sale or solicitations;
    3. Offensive, obscene, profane or indecent images; material likely to cause annoyance, inconvenience or distress; discriminating or sexually harassing material or messages that create an intimidating or hostile environment; defamatory or misleading material; or
    4. Materials that infringes intellectual property rights including copyright;
    5. Contains content that is in direct competition with CPC vendors.
  3. All of the campus digital signage is connected to the Campus Emergency Management System ("EMS") and under University-defined emergencies; all of the campus digital signage will be repurposed to EMS notifications, which may supersede existing advertisements.
  4. CPC is not liable for errors of the Advertiser, including typographical errors, wrong insertions, late or erroneous publications, non-publication, or non-performance due to technical issues or network outages that are not in the control of CPC, or any acts of God.

CPC Digital Board Locations

CPC offers digital advertising on the following digital monitors:

Building # of Displays Time Total Hours per Day
UU Plaza Digital Wall 1 (6 Screens) 6am - 2am 20
University Store 7 7am - 6pm 11
19 Metro Satation 6 9:30am - 9pm 11.5
Mustang Station 2 10:30am - 11pm 12.5
Campus Market 2 6:30am - 12am 17.5
Village Market 1 9am - 12am 15
Sandwich Factory 2 7:30am - 6pm 10.5
Tacos To-Go (PCV) 2 10am - 10pm 12
Avenue 2 7am - 2am 19
Total 25 129

Ad & Order Placement

To place an ad on the digital monitors, the advertiser needs to submit a completed Reservation Form at least 4 (four) business days prior to the first day of the ad run. Final artwork needs to be submitted at last 2 (two) business days prior to the first day of the ad run. Inability to do so will cause delays in the ad placement(s).

Our staff will make sure that the ads are placed correctly on the requested dates. Ads will be uploaded on Monday and Friday mornings. If any issues occur during the uploading process, someone from our staff will contact the advertiser as soon as possible to rectify the situation.

CPC will do every effort to help the advertiser meet its deadlines. However, CPC does not guarantee that ads received after the deadline will be posted at the desired start date. Acceptance of the advertising request is based on availability. The placement order of the advertisements on the digital monitors is at the sole discretion of Cal Poly Corporation. CPC has not made any guarantees with respect to ad frequency statistics for any advertising except where expressly stated in an accepted advertising order.

Ads will be put into rotation based on the advertiser’s selected date and time range, based upon availability. University emergency notifications will maintain priority over any content or schedule.

Cancellation of Advertising Orders

Cancelled orders must be provided at least two (2) business days before the scheduled start date via email to the program administrator or there will be a 10% cancellation fee. Please, no cancellations or changes to the advertisements once the advertisement has started.

Ad Rates

Advertising rates are established before the first ad is placed (please contact the program administrator for rates and details). All ads will be played for 14 consecutive days unless specified. The rate varies based on location that the ad is to be played (UU Plaza Digital Wall or Commercial Venues), the status of the advertiser (University department or Commercial partner), and length of airtime per play (10, 20 or 30 seconds). These reservations will be captured on the Reservation Form. Forms should be filled out completely and submitted with final artwork within the appropriate ad placement schedule (see section called "Ad & Order Placement " for details) of the submission dates. The Reservation Form must contain the appropriate account information and signatures. If billing information changes, please contact CPC immediately.


The advertiser will be billed upon completion of the advertisements or at the end of each reservation (reference the Advertising Reservation Form). Ad rate are established with the program administrator prior to the first advertisement. An approved State, CPC, CPF, or ASI account string must be included in each Reservation Form, executed by authorized personnel for that account. Advertising will not be run without valid pre-payment accounts.

Below are the billing periods. The ad start date is how ads are accounted for during each period. For example, if an ad starts on March 25 and plays through April 10, the ad will be billed in the winter billing period.

  • Winter: January 1 - March 31
  • Spring: April 1 - June 30
  • Summer: July 1 - August 31
  • Fall: September 1 - December 31

Customer Contact & Support

Ellen Curtis
Marketing and Communications Director
Cal Poly Corporation
Email: cpcmedia@calpoly.edu

Submit the completed Reservation Form & final artwork* (under 5MB) to cpcmedia@calpoly.edu. *If artwork file size is over 5MB, the advertiser needs to deliver the file through a different method (i.e. CD Rom, USB, Cloud Storage, etc.).

CPC reserves the right to modify the Policy, Procedures and Rates at any time.